Saturday 24th February 2018

9.15am – 4.00pm

 Friends’ Meeting House, 17 Woodville Road, Ealing, W5 2SE


The eastern teachings about Karma (action) suggest that events only become stressful because of how we perceive & react to them.     Karma Yoga (Yoga of action) teaches how the apparent stress of daily life may be reduced by calming the mind and acting wisely.



9.15am              Registration

9.30.          Guided relaxation

9.45.           Understanding Stress.

10.45.                    Coffee.

11.15.           Understanding Karma – sowing & reaping.

12.15pm.      How to meditate

 12.30                    LUNCH

1.45           Mindful Walking.

2.00.           Karma yoga – acting wisely.                  

3.00.                     Break.

  3.15.           Questions & answers.

3.45            Guided meditation

4.00                     Depart.


Pleasant venue with easy parking.      Bookshop.

Light vegetarian lunch provided.   CPD’s available.

Members £35      Non-members £45




with Rolf Sovik PsyD,

President of the Himalayan Institute USA, Honesdale, PA.


4-day retreat at Domus Mariae Convent, Chigwell, Essex (UK).

 Fri 25th – Tues 29th May 2018.


      The Bhagavad Gita combines four messages each charting, with unequalled variety and human richness, a pathway from relentless activity to peace of mind & enlightenment.    Clearly, practically, and framed with universal appeal, the Gita’s dialogue opens the way to spiritual self-discovery, with meditation as an essential part of its vision of spirituality.     Join Dr. Sovik and :

  • Practice a deeply satisfying and universal method of meditation.
  • Use silence and stillness to enhance your meditation experience.
  • Explore key roles of Karma-, Bhakti-, Jnana- and Raja-yoga in daily life.
  • Examine the therapeutic qualities of the Gita’s message, &
  • Fully grasp the “Wheel of Karma” as an experience shared by all humans.

Outline daily programme

  6.00am     Prayers, meditation & asana class.

  8.00          Breakfast.

  9.15          Presentations.   [Interval 10.30 – 11.00]

12.15pm     Meditation.

12.30          Lunch followed by free time [walks in Epping Forest etc].

  4.00          Workshops

  6.00          Dinner.

  7.30          Presentation.

  9.00          Prayers & meditation


Comfortable venue.     Vegetarian food.      Bookshop to browse.

Come for all or part of this event.

Fees;   £400 (whole retreat)   or   £110 per 24 hrs.

( deposit £100 , payable by mid-February)